The 5 Most Dangerous Retirement Myths: And 5 Steps To Plan A Stunningly Fulfilling Retirement (Kindle e-book)

Most people arrive at retirement with only vague ideas and no clear retirement roadmap. A fulfilling retirement requires far more than good financial planning. Many truly gifted people live mediocre lives in retirement. It’s not their fault – they didn’t know they could actually plan a remarkable retirement for themselves.

What would a truly fulfilling retirement mean for you – for your family, your life, and your overall vitality in later years?

This powerful e-book shows you how with the right tools, you can create the retirement that could change everything for you. Learn:

  • The 5 Most Dangerous Retirement Myths
  • The Top 5 Deathbed Regrets
  • The 5 Most Powerful Steps You Can Take To Design A Truly Fulfilling Retirement



Golden Years Legacy Play Workbook: A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Create A Stunning Retirement (Paperback)

Golden Years Legacy Play Workbook is an exciting new approach to planning a stunning retirement. Since “work” is a thing of the past, this book is chalk full of homeplays that will delight your heart and stimulate your creativity so you bring your best to designing your ultimate retirement.

Driving this book is the belief that every retiree was born with a potential legacy. Knowing and fulfilling your legacy brings authentic peace and happiness. The only way to retrieve your legacy is through embarking on a hero’s journey into the deep knowing of your heart. Once retrieved, your heart legacy can then be translated into concrete terms to create a clear, personalized retirement roadmap guiding everything from travel to social engagements to the most beneficial daily routines. Having a clear roadmap shows you where to invest your time, money and attention to ensure you are living a truly fulfilling and happy retirement.

A series of 14 sequenced homeplays guides you to create your retirement roadmap by:

  • exploring your life history for clues about your legacy
  • awakening sources of energy and insight that are lying hidden within your physical body
  • taking your ultimate retirement hero’s journey to discovery your legacy
  • identifying practical steps to make your legacy a reality through designing your joyfully aligned retirement lifestyle

Golden Years Legacy Play Workbook presents a unique opportunity to benefit from Andrea Winn’s sixteen years of intensive research into how to guide the most rewarding hero’s journey, even for shy and introverted people.


Free Master Class: The 5 Keys To A Fulfilling Retirement

This master class is packed with empowering insights and a guided visualization to transform your understanding of retirement. In this presentation I will share how I’ve created my own lifestyle where I’m living my true calling outside society’s world of work, and I’ll introduce you to:

  • The truth your doctor isn’t telling you about aging
  • How to stop time from slipping through your fingers
  • How to develop courage to do the things you’ve always secretly wanted to do
  • The essential key to a fulfilling retirement
  • How to open the door to the lost art of PLAY

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