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April 27, 2021

A lot of value

"I can indeed see that this was the work of a number of months.  You can see the care and love that was put into it.  The meditations were wonderful and the whole thing was really well thought out and gave me/everyone a lot of value.  Everyone did a fantastic job and you created a perfect framework around it."

Andrea Sinclair

Catalystics: The fusion of health & abundance

This Live Energy Event will give you a complete makeover to start your Spring with energy renewal!

Mixed Media Photo Collage by Ben Black:

Magic Spring Eggstravaganza: polka dots, rainbows arising

Featuring Singer/Songwriter Ben Black

Film credit: Voudou Feather Films

Event Host: Andrea M. Winn

Here's Our Dynamic Lineup of presenters

Ben Black

Singer/Songwriter Ben Black's music blossoms like a joyful flower and will lift your spirit. An Origin Records artist, their voice is described as “singularly gorgeous” by Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times. With a vocal range that defies traditional gender constraints, Ben demonstrates that creative soul energy has no sexual orientation or gender identity. Their music and vocal sound authentically reverberate, with original lyrics that illuminate the golden essence of the heart.

This Live Energy Event is an opportunity to hear LIVE music with vocal improv from Ben’s new album “mystery and wonder” and offer you the opportunity to be a part of raising the finishing funds for this exciting project: 

  • Connecting musically to the mystery and wonder of renewal
  • Empowering lyrics and healing tones for times of uncertainty
  • Poetic power rhymes in praise and honor of the sacred and divine

Elisa Paiva Neta

My Healing yoga will empower you to:

  • Enhance body, mind and soul
  • Feel grounded and centered
  • Release emotional and energetic clogs

As an Indigenous and African woman born in Brazil I have followed my Grandmother onto the path of natural healing that has run through our bloodline and spirits for centuries. 

In all aspects of my life energy healing and yoga have awakened me to a deeper awareness with my true self and the nurturing rituals of self-care.

In my work as a therapist and Yoga teacher I integrate my techniques and skills to create a program of Healing Yoga combined with gentle exercise and compassionate leadership as I lead my clients to renewal and relaxation.   

Susan Patterson

Susan Patterson wants to help you feel good about yourself at the end of the day. After many years of feeling disappointed with herself for being “too busy” to practice the self-care she knew she wanted, Susan left her career in the investment world to pursue her passion of helping people eat well. She sees this as the foundation to good health and ultimately to overall wellbeing because it aligns action with intention. Finding simple ways to mindfully weave nutrition from internationally-respected Isagenix into your lifestyle, Susan can help you cultivate a healthy mind by building a healthy body.

Susan’s business connects you with your inner guidance by giving you just enough outer support to fuel your soul when you look in the mirror at the end of each day! It starts with mastering your physical health and that is a step to something much more powerful. Learn how you can easily show yourself some love and respect by being mindful of your nutrition. You can even supplement your income while sharing this empowering feeling with others. What better time than Spring to renew yourself?!

Andrea M. Winn, Legacy Play Adventure Coach, MEd, MCS

Have you been going a bit stir crazy this past year? To this pandemic travel-starved world, I am introducing Legacy Play Adventure - The Ultimate Hero's Journey to reveal your legacy.

The 5-step Legacy Play Adventure signature system embodies the profound treasures of my 17 years experience as a healer and coach. This very system empowered me to create Buddhist Project Sunshine, the high profile global social justice movement I led in 2018, featured on the front page of The New York Times and in Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Columbia Journalism Review

Get a taste of adventure in this Live Energy Event, and the opportunity to apply for a free Legacy Play Adventure Custom Plan Session.

Surrounded us with wonderful energy

"Andrea, you surrounded us all with wonderful spiritual energies –

and an opportunity to meet special people. Very well done!"

Love, Jo-Anne

Jo-Anne Raynes

Architect of Change and Innovation

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