Heroic Leadership Coaching is a 1-on-1 paid service within a larger framework. The Big Picture is I am leading a movement of Heroic Leaders.

Every one of my clients is a powerful and inspiring leader. I am fostering community for these leaders to fully access their life purpose and live their purpose boldly each and every day.

We are growing together through creating Heroic Leadership Community. Each member has gifts within them. This community is a place where we can explore our gifts and allow our gifts to  be called out of us. This is a community of respect, love, and calling each other to live courageously.


You will naturally develop your own Heroic Leadership more quickly and powerfully when you surround yourself with others who are actively working on the same thing.


We connect as a community each weekday morning for a fresh daily Resonance Call. People arrive on the teleconference line a few minutes before 9:00 AM to say good morning and make any special request for the resonance message that day. At 9:00, I give a 15 minute resonance message where I lead you in a grounding exercise and set you up emotionally and spiritually to enjoy living a heroic day!

My coaching clients also gather in person for special topic workshops such as Heroic Business Information Systems, Heroic Business Planning Methods, and Heroic Self Care Strategies.

Beyond our inner circle gatherings, we host quarterly community gatherings where we invite friends and colleagues to experience Heroic Leadership workshops on Love, Meditation, Money and Leadership.

More than simply community, we are the Heroic Leadership Tribe. We bring emotional intelligence to forming our relationships with each other, and this enables us to form strong bonds over time within our tribe. It provides a model – a template – for how to form strong healthy bonds throughout our lives.

Together, we are living into the heart of what Sacred Commerce is. Relationships and Emotional Literacy are at the core of mastering Sacred Commerce. It is through our own self-awareness and how we work with others that the wealth of true commerce can open. It is through developing our skill in riding the energy of emotion that we are able to touch customers’ hearts and open the flow for purchasing our goods and services to uplift their lives. Sacred Commerce is about authentically closing sales with perfect clients.

This world deeply needs your good heart, your gift, your contribution. It is important for you to take practical steps to work with your own heart and develop your skill to unlock the energy of emotion and money flow. Unleash your Sacred Commerce!

Join the activities of the Heroic Leadership Tribe! Here are three easy ways you can Start Now.