Coaching has been demonstrated to have powerful results when four factors are present:

  • A strong desire to develop potential
  • A gap where the person is presently and the level she/he wants to achieve
  • An openness, readiness and willingness to make the necessary shifts to get to the new level
  • A willingness to take action to achieve results desired

Coaching is a quick and dynamic way to create the changes you want in your life, relationships and career. I bring a unique combination of mindfulness, deep listening and organizational strategy to coach you exactly where you are at and help you move towards the change you want. I offer two types of coaching: Transformative Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching. Read below to see which type is a good fit for you, and see testimonials from people’s whose lives were changed by my coaching service.

Transformative Life Coaching

Transformative Life Coaching will increase your joy and fulfillment in life through (1) visioning what you want, (2) planning doable action steps and (3) getting expert coaching to empower you to keep on track. It will specifically:

  • Open your heart to exquisite self-care
  • Create the safety you need to face your deepest desires
  • Give you a structure to pursue those desires
  • Give you expert support for moving through any internal or external blocks to realizing your desire

See Transformative Life Coaching testimonials below. I welcome your setting up a free initial consultation. Contact me at: or phone 647.288.7847


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching will increase your team’s results through (1) fulfillment, (2) balance and (3) process. It will specifically:

  • Teach you how to be deeply present and build authentic trust in relationships with team members and clients
  • Unlock your genuine confidence to meet challenges
  • Resolve communication blocks with your team, so you can work together to your full potential
  • Resolve organizational challenges in your organization
  • Empower you to make a leap to your next level!

See Leadership Coaching testimonials below. I welcome your setting up a free initial consultation. Contact me at: or phone 647.288.7847

Transformative Life Coaching Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Nieves was struggling to connect with what was behind the “wall” she experienced. She found guidance beyond what therapy could give her in a combination of Transformative Life Coaching and the Abundance Breakthrough Program. She is now able to be more present and listen in her relationship with her son, and her son is much more willing to talk with her. Click on the video to hear her testimonial.

~ Nieves Sancho, Toronto, Canada

Testimonial 2

The coaching sessions were upbeat, structured, respectful and spiritual in a way that was new to me.  I enjoyed the sessions very much.  As a result of the coaching, I have new intent and goals in writing that I’m able to focus on and review every day.  I shared my experience with my friends and they are excited, happy for me and support my journey.  In sharing, I became closer to my friends, we learned about each other and we learned different ways to experience one another.

Andrea’s coaching helped me clarify my intentions for a love relationship.  Her respectful guidance established a safe environment that allowed me to feel comfortable articulating my heart’s deepest desires and define my intention in writing.  I feel more confident in my ability to make choices to support my intention.  I am going out more often and I am more confident exploring relationships and social outings.

Over the years I have sought different relationships yet each one was the same. I worked with various counselors and yet never felt satisfied. The relationship work I did with Andrea was inspiring, insightful and motivating. The principles are repeatable and easy to apply. While easy, I have to commit my time and energy to achieve my relationship goals and be focused on the future.

~ Stacie, San Diego, CA

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Before getting coaching with Andrea I was having trouble with communication and being able to feel open. Life was not moving smoothly. I had trouble hearing and being heard by my business partner, Gavin. We couldn’t accept and hear each other as we were; for example, vacation planning was a constant source of conflict. I felt guilty about having and doing what I wanted in our work. Things were going too fast, and we needed support.

Since working with Andrea I am more accepting of who I am and more accepting of my business partner. My level of trust in Gavin has changed so much! I feel more love, which is very important to me. Also, I am working better with clients. For instance recently I was able to give logical and clear answers to a high-maintenance, low self-esteem yet loyal client. I was really proud of that! I feel better in general and on a practical level, our income has increased 25 – 30%. Andrea is grounded and spiritual, which is a combination that is so needed in the business and corporate world. – Murray J. Newman



Before getting coaching with Andrea we had a problem being able to feel we deserved our success. We weren’t able to acknowledge our success or believe the success would continue. Communication is key to our working well in our partnership. We were caught up in being too busy which led to our not communicating with each other and lacking awareness.

Since we started getting coaching with Andrea our income has increased 25 – 30%. I am happy and enjoying life. My relationship with Murray and my other relationships are healthy. It feels great to know I can support people. I realize I can be a leader, and I feel empowered in that. Andrea is warm, kind, strong, direct, honest, reliable, trust worthy and spiritual. – J. Gavin Clark