Golden Years Legacy Play is an exciting new approach to planning a remarkable retirement. Since “work” is a thing of the past, this program involves only homeplays that will delight your heart and stimulate your creativity so you bring your best to designing your ultimate retirement.

Driving this program is the belief that every retiree was born with a potential legacy. Knowing and fulfilling your legacy brings authentic peace and happiness. I believe the only way to retrieve your legacy is through embarking on a hero’s journey into the deep knowing of your heart. Once retrieved, your heart legacy can then be translated into concrete terms to create a clear, personalized retirement roadmap guiding everything from travel to social engagements to the most beneficial daily routines. Having a clear roadmap shows you where to invest your time, money and attention to ensure you are living a truly fulfilling and happy retirement.

This program offers a sequence of fourteen weekly homeplays that guide you to create your personalized retirement roadmap by:

1. preparing for a powerful visioning process

2. exploring your life history for clues about your legacy

3. awakening sources of energy and insight that are lying hidden within your physical body

4. taking your ultimate retirement hero’s journey to discovery your legacy

5. identifying practical steps to make your legacy a reality through designing your joyfully aligned retirement lifestyle

Andrea M. Winn, Founder and Heroic Leadership Coach
Andrea M. Winn, Golden Years Legacy Play Coach

Golden Years Legacy Play presents a unique opportunity to benefit from my sixteen years of intensive research into how to guide the most rewarding hero’s journey, even for shy and introverted people.

The presence, wisdom and skill I bring to coaching retirees through my Golden Years Legacy Play program come from a unique combination of over 40 years of training and experience, including:

  • A Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (OISE, University of Toronto)
  • A Masters of Computer Science (DalTech/Dalhousie University)
  • A 6-month Mediation Certification Program (York University)
  • Three years of business training (Ontario Self-Employment Business Program, Your Planning Partners, the Abundance Project)
  • Four levels of Soul Art Guide Certification Training (Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, and Shaman)
  • A five year apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman
  • 25 years informal practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Bio-Energetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM) practitioner
  • A lifetime of mindfulness meditation, beginning with growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community.

This program is available for self-study in a workbook format on Amazon. You can also take the program through a group format, and for those who are ready to deeply engage their hero’s journey, I offer 1-on-1 coaching (if you are interested in exploring this, please contact me).


My story

My story begins in the year 2001. I was working at IBM’s Toronto Software Development Lab. On the outside, things were going well. I had a dynamic first year, and I was even nominated Rookie of the Year. But on the inside… it was a different story.

On November 21st, 2001 that inner reality broke through. I returned home from a long day at work, put my dinner on to cook and popped in a video, The Horse Whisperer, starring Robert Redford.

Within a few minutes, things went tragically wrong in the movie. A girl riding her horse was hit by a semi truck. The girl was rushed to hospital with serious injuries. The next day a group went out searching in the woods for her horse. They eventually found him standing in a stream flowing under a bridge. He was badly injured, bleeding into the stream and deeply traumatized – to the point that they thought he should be put down.

Seeing this, hit me like a tidal wave. I stood up, walked over to the TV, clicked it off. I walked into the kitchen, turned off the oven and the stove. Then walked into my bedroom and collapsed on my bed.

That image of the horse was how I felt on the inside. I had been throwing my heart and soul into working for IBM, and somehow in the corporate environment my true capabilities were not able to develop. Not to mention, I was not having much fun working myself into the ground!

This was my turning point when I shifted out of the traditional work world. My doctor took me off work and I  propelled into a profound healing journey. I did three years of intensive therapy and energy healing and started to feel more whole.

Then I was ready to bring my new healing abilities to help others. I enrolled in an MEd Counseling Psychology degree. While doing my MEd I finally watched the whole Horse Whisperer movie.

I was impressed by what the horse whisperer did to save the horse. This man was like a shaman healer. He was powerful, wise and deeply compassionate. He reached the traumatized horse, that others said should be shot, and brought him back into being a vibrant and productive horse.

I was so drawn to the horse whisperer, that I wanted to be like him – I wanted to be able to work that way with people. So I put that intention into my MEd studies and focused each class on how to develop skill to work with people who had been through emotional trauma.

After graduating, I started working as a therapist, and quickly shifted into doing therapeutic style coaching with business executives. I learned from my clients that people are afraid to face their true desires in life, and those brave souls who peek their eyes open to glimpse their true desire, are usually afraid to take steps to make their desire a reality.

Responding to this, I honed expertise in helping people to identify their core life purpose and take heroic steps to fulfill it. Now I am much more than a therapist. As a Golden Years Legacy Play Coach I use strategic and fun methods that incorporate compassion, deep insight, artistic expression, and play to liberate people’s ability to design their retirement life with clear purpose.

So, now I’d like to bring all my experience into service of your journey today, specifically by breaking down some insidious myths about retirement to unleash your ability to design your most rewarding retirement. Click here to access the FREE Master Class.