Heal Your Relationship With Money – Live Class


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Your Relationship With Money


Have You Been Struggling With Money?


It’s no surprise!


Our banking system practices “Fractional Reserve Banking”.

This reflects our society’s fractured relationship with money

… our emotional and spiritual brokenness.


Here’s the important thing…

You can heal your relationship with money,

and that makes EVERYTHING a whole lot easier!

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rachael“Before the Heal Your Relationship With Money course I was struggling with accepting and asking for money. Applying monetary value to my abilities and personal worth. Keeping money at arms length and not seeing money as personal or relationship driven.
As a result of this course I gained greater awareness of my limiting attitudes about money. I started taking ownership of my value as a person and not judging myself for needing/wanting money.”

Rachael Abah, Co-Founder & Director of Kouraba Festival
Toronto, ON Canada

This program shows you how to

Shed your shame.

Start fresh.

Build a new embodied relationship with money.


Andrea M. Winn, Money Relationship Guide

Andrea M. Winn
Money Relationship Guide

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Here’s my own story with money

Prior to 2015 I struggled with money for seven years while developing this new paradigm coaching service. I invested heavily in personal and professional development courses. I was living and breathing these courses for years to develop a pretty amazing skill set. Over those seven years, I racked up debt!

With debt hanging over my head like a dark cloud, I was starting to lose faith in myself. I was wondering if I’d made a mistake trying to create my dream business. I began to doubt my ability to change my financial situation.

That changed 3 years ago

I started actively turning my financial situation around with the help of three sets of teachings. They showed me how to heal my relationship with money.

First, I got in touch with my Money Spirit Guide

I learned how to connect with my Money Spirit Guide as part of my 3-year Soul Art Certification program. This Spirit Guide taught me the art of facilitating grounded conversations about money. This has served my business well because I can easily have conversations about money with potential coaching clients. Since I feel at ease, they can feel at ease. It is simply a matter of exploring how we can make the money part work. This has been a huge relief, and has served my ability to earn money in an authentic and compassionate way.

Second, I got in touch with my core values around money

I took a course where I identified my core values around money. Then I started shifting how I structure my money towards feeding those values. This has been entirely transformative. I am no longer swimming around in murky financial waters. I am actively resolving the debt I accumulated over the previous seven years. I am on track to have the last of it paid off by the end of this year, and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that!

Third, I began studying Sacred Commerce

I had the privilege of meeting Ayman Sawaf in March 2016, and we really hit it off! For the past year we have been forging a bond of friendship, and I’ve been working closely with him in studying his Sacred Commerce teachings. Ayman’s teachings on Sacred Commerce are deep and mystical, reaching back in origin to the Merchant Priesthood of Ancient Egypt. As an added bonus to the Heal Your Relationship With Money course, I have integrated principles of Sacred Commerce to support your work with money. Read more about Sacred Commerce below. These teachings will excite you to your core, and bring new life to your relationship with money!

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A return to sacredness

Teachings from Ayman Sawaf

In ancient Egypt commerce was regarded as sacred. Priests and priestesses practiced sacred commerce as their spiritual path. The purpose was to create uplifting goods for trade. They travelled into Africa and the middle east, and they bartered things like sacred books and healing herbs- goods that lifted people out of the mode of focusing on survival and security, so that they could pursue the sacred.

Later on, chauvinism hit it, and the feminine was ripped out of it.

We are fortunate in our time because the sacred and feminine are coming back into our life. In Sacred Commerce our inner essence is our wealth. It is our mirror. When we change ourself inside, the world changes.

We can work on own inner commerce. It is our belief systems, attitudes, choices, and agreements, and this is what creates reality. The more we work with our inner commerce, the more the quality of our resonance is elevated, and we attract a better reality.

Sacred Commerce is the commerce of you – of what’s inside of you, so you can create a sacred reality.

Ayman Sawaf is one of the original creators of the disciplines now known as Emotional Literacy (EL). He is also attributed as an early pioneer in emotional intelligence (EQ), co-creator of the four cornerstone model and its application in business, as illustrated in his book with Dr. Robert Cooper, “Executive EQ.”

Learn more about Ayman and his work here: www.sacredcommerce.com


I bring together

three bodies of teachings about money:


1. Money Spirit Guide

2. Core money values

3. Sacred Commerce


in one step-by-step course…


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A 4-Week Course

to transform your experience of money


Be compassionately guided through a clear process:


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Week 1: Identify your intention


  • Welcome
  • Be guided in a creative process to identify your clear and powerful Money Journey Intention


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Week 2: Connect with your Money Spirit Guide*


  • Bodymap your Money Spirit Guide
  • Follow a creative process to allow your Money Spirit Guide to respond to your Money Journey Intention

* I will guide you to connect with your Money Spirit Guide using a method called “Soul Art”. You can read more about Soul Art here: www.soulartcertification.com




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Week 3: Identify your core values and create a sacred alter for your Love-Money Pots**


  • Be guided through an exercise to create your Money Mythical Story
  • Analyze your Money Mythical Story to identify your 10 core personal values
  • Learn about Love-Money Pots and the function of a sacred alter
  • Be given a method for infusing energy into your Love-Money Pots

** Love-Money Pots is a concept created by Sheva Carr, founder of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program. Sheva also teaches about the often overlooked value of “attention”, and how important it is to place your attention where it matters. You can read more about Sheva and her work here: heartmastery.com/about-us/sheva-carr



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Week 4: Harvest the fruit of your Money Journey


  • Learn how to “listen” to your Love-Money Pot Alter, attend to it, and continue to allow it to transform
  • Learn about the often overlooked value of ATTENTION
  • Explore how to continue investing attention in your Love-Money Pots
  • Identify next steps
  • Celebrate your new inspired relationship with money!

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Course details

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  • Receive Four Class Audios, one per week beginning February 1st. You choose your own time to listen to each class.
  • Attend Four Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls February 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. You will have the chance to ask questions and get my coaching support.
  • Receive the Heal Your Relationship With Money Course
    with exercises for each class.
  • Receive the Heal Your Relationship With Money 21-Day Transformation Journal.
  • Access the Course Members ONLY Facebook Group
    – a place to connect, build friendships and community, ask questions
    and get feedback from myself and other members of the class.


Are You Ready

To heal your relationship with money?


Your Investment: $97



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